Monday, November 8, 2010

My brain is not your punchline.

I've been searching twitter for the #epilepsy tag.

A lot of what I'm finding is awareness stuff, including Epilepsy Foundation retweeting their Seizure Smart link (I'd post it, but it's too simplistic). And then I'm finding things that make me stabby.

No, you don't have fucking epilepsy in your fucking arm because it's tired. That is called exertional tremor, and arms do not have epilepsy. Brains do, and while they can manifest as arm shaking, that's not the same as exhaustion.

Your friend who is angry is not going to have a godsdamned seizure. That isn't how epilepsy works. They can shout themselves blue at you for being an utter shithead, and yet chances are good they will not have a seizure.

A visually overstimulating video that gives you a headache does not mean you have epilepsy. Seizures do not feel like headaches. Headaches do not feel like seizures.

Whatever you are doing isn't going to "give you epilepsy". Jesus fuck. I could spit in your cheerios and sneeze on your face and put you in a room with all my seizure triggers and if you have a normal seizure threshold, it will not do diddly shit.

You aren't cute, you aren't funny, no, a Ceaser salad isn't dangerous, and my brain is not your punchline.

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