Monday, March 19, 2012

The words said for George.

My angry post was for me. Not for anyone else.

But this was what I wrote for George. It is, after all, about him. Kathryn Hedges graciously read it for me at the vigil in California:

I hate writing for murdered people. It does no good. They're still dead, and people always try to make what I say all about themselves & then they get all mad and hateful at me. But it isn't about them. And it isn't about me, either. It's about the person who is dead but shouldn't be.

This time, it's about George, a pleasant 22 year old man who will never see 23. Before George, it was Katie. It was Christopher. It was Ulysses. It was 100s of autistics before them, know and unknown to me.

These murders are not mercy killings. They are murders, and I am 100% confident in saying that no parent who truly loves their child can kill them. Love does not work that way.

Those of you who are not autistic may be inclined to sympathize with George's murderer. Maybe what you know about autism is tragedy-and-terror style awareness, all about devastation and loss. Maybe you know her, maybe you liked her. Maybe she was your neighbour. Maybe you can't wrap your head around the reality that you had coffee with a murderer. Maybe trying to find mitigating factors makes it easier to integrate that you know someone who killed her son.

Those of you who are autistic are probably feeling more like what I feel-saddened that yet another of our number was killed. Maybe, like me, you are disgusted at the race to exonerate the murderer in the media. And, if you are like me, you are terrified that everyone is blaming lack of services, stress, everything but “HIS MOTHER SHOT HIM” for George's death.

I hate writing for murdered people. Again and again and again I have to defend the very right of the victim to be treated as a human being in all reports, for his very personhood and the personhood of myself and those I hold dear. This stuff shouldn't need saying. My outrage should be the norm, not the exception.

The tragedy here is not autism. The tragedy here is that George, like countless autistics before him, was murdered. The tragedy is that people feel more for his killer than they do for him.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You keep killing us, and I am PISSED.

Allow me my rage a moment. If you can't handle a disclaimer free post in which I tell you that my rage doesn't apply to you, if you need handholding and cuddles, go find a different post. This one is not for you.

I fucking hate autism parents, I fucking hate autism professionals, and I fucking hate every media outlet that provides them a platform for their dehumanizing tales of self-pity and woe.

I don't give a flying fuck how different your kid is from what you wanted. The kid you have didn't steal your dreambaby in the night to make you miserable. The kid you have is yours, a real person, not just a pile of deficits and fuel for your cries of poor me.

Your moaning and dehumanizing has consequences. Your pity parties legitimize murder, forfuckssake. Every time you people go tell a reporter that your child is a curse, you totes understand why people snap and murder their autistic family members, you are adding to a culture that devalues our lives and denies our humanity. You are contributing to a society where you are a martyr when you kill one of us.

In what universe is that acceptable?

And shame-no, I need a stronger word but I do not know one-shame on each and every reporter who pitches a pity and woe story, shame on every editor that salivates over it, and shame on every godsdamned news outlet that publishes it. You fuckers are partially culpable in every murder of an autistic since "autism" was a word people know. You fuckers are the reasons that our dead never see justice. You are fucking scum. You spread horror and despondency about our lives, and you make our murderers out to be the good guys. People are not supposed to sympathize with murderers! You are sacks of shit because you convince them to go against thousands of years of evolution and do so. You convince them that empathizing with our killers is the right thing to do. How do you fuckers even live with yourselves?

You are why I am so angry. If you people, people who have a responsibility to us and to accuracy, cannot even manage to not paint us as less-than, cannot manage to scrape together enough collective decency to say "that shit is not ok" when one of us is murdered, what the fuck can I expect from the rest of the world? If you are going to glorify our abusers and murderers, the only healthy response for me is wrath. I have to be angry, enraged, because you won't do it. My people are being slaughtered. Anger and hate is how people are supposed to respond to that.

I hate because my wrath and disgust is long overdue, and nowhere near as strong as you deserve.