Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Epilepsy awareness month!

November is epilepsy awareness month.

I'm not so big on awarenessitis, but seeing as no one I know really knows squat about seizures, I'm going to try a few things.

For some background, I've got partial complex, absence, and occasionally generalized motor seizures. Primarily the partials live in my right temporal lobe, & they're classified as medically refractory.

I've been on a number of medications, I'm not a candidate for cortical resection, and VNS is something that I'd like to explore, maybe, but I'm actually pretty happy with what I take now.

So, what I am doing for Epilepsy Month is:

a) Posting something at least vaguely related every day. It may be something I wrote after having a bad day or misunderstandings, it may be 101 info, it may be a "ha ha, listen to this ridiculous thing I did postictally! Epilepsy is serious, but I don't have to be" kind of thing.

b) Tweeting at least one fact-thing a day (I have way more non neurodiversity type followers than readers).


c) making 101-110 level fliers and handing them out. Everywhere. ESPECIALLY places where I interact with people.

But I need your, yes your, help! I'm at the point where I don't remember what's 101 info and what's eyeballs-glazing-over technical. Or what questions people have. So leave 'em in the comments! Please? Otherwise I'm going to end up with a month of BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW PEOPLE ARE WEIRD ABOUT EPILEPSY! posts and really awful fliers. That'd be tragic, right?

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katie monstrrr said...

1) What are some physical indicators that someone (you?) is about to have (or is having) a seizure?
2) What are some things someone can do to help a person who is having a seizure?

I've only seen someone have a seizure once (it was while I was at work a few years ago), and the only reason I didn't call 911 was because the person knew it was coming and said, "DO NOT CALL 911." But I didn't know what to do and no one else did either.