Sunday, May 26, 2013

Help Mandy Go To Autreat UPDATE

Sooo I had planned to do this update on Tuesday, because I can get pictures of Mandy & I together on Tuesday (the only non anime pics I have? Are from a dance event. Annnd that's a lot of ab visibility for the internet).

But the Autistic community & our allies never fail to impress. Today, at about noon Pacific time, this fundraising campaign hit goal.

I put it up Friday. Today is Sunday. And Mandy is a bit in happy shock & cannot process. And I am in the same kind of shock except I'm of the "burst into tears" school of emotional overload.

Sooo no pictures today, but I can give an update:

-Goal has already been reached. Wow.
-We got plane tickets last night, before we hit the goal number. That way we end up on the same plane.
-We're researching hotels to stay at the night we arrive & the night Autreat ends. That's next item on the logistics agenda.
-When registration goes up, that's all covered.


So this was awesome, right? Well. I want to be able to do this for more people in the future. To make that happen, I'm going to be setting up an Etsy store to sell bracelets & keychain thingies & other beaded stuff that I make, & possibly things donated from other people who wish to help out. Proceeds from those sales will go to an Autreat travel fund. People who aren't autism-intense buy crafts, & that's a year round kind of effort.

I'm so. Very. Happy. You all rock.

One of the bracelets I made for a donor:


Lecy said...

This is amazing! I hope you both have a great time, I wish I could go too! Please let us know what it's like.

Brenda Rothman (Mama Be Good) said...

Beautiful!!!! Awesomely beautiful work, K!