Saturday, June 1, 2013

Thank you update, with pictures. And Where we're going from here.

Again, thank you everyone who helped with the fundraising to get Mandy to Autreat. She is super excited. It's going to be quite an adventure-Mandy, me, & service cat Purkinje.

The adventuring party:

 Left to right: A short very fair person with short brown hair and a big smile, a slightly taller less fair person with pink and purple hair, blue glasses, and a big smile, and a surprised looking white cat on their shoulder.

We have purchased plane tickets, the necessary motel room for when one flies to an event on the east coast from the west coast, and set up getting from there to Autreat (YAY).

And now. This was amazing. So where do we go from here?

If you are my facebook friend you know: I am setting up an Etsy to sell crafty goodness, all the proceeds of which will go into an Autreat travel fund to get people there. Making the things for the donors was fun, and Mandy knits, and a friend of mine makes pop culture counted cross-stitches, and there's a huge pool of talent. And people buy crafty stuff year round. And we can make things that are relevant to more than just our community, which is important I think to get the momentum going.

I'm excited. Overwhelmed with half formed ideas & the amount of purple beads I have, but excited.

Some things I made this year:

Bracelet that says ASAN, has crystals in rainbow order to each sidePurple and lavender bracelet with 1 lavender flower bead

small purple and lavender crystal bracelet that says "miriam"3-stranded keychain that says "celebrate autistic culture" in rainbow letters

2 stranded bracelet, primarily red and black with accents in silver, green, and blue, that says "making friends with autism"

Things I will make throughout the year? Similar, and medicalert bands, and left/right bracelets, and whatever else I can make. I want more friends at Autreat next year.

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Alice Croft said...

Hi Kassiane,

I'd love to donate some things for you to sell. contact me at tielserrath at the ubiquitous gmail if I can help.