Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Why? Because my mother dying doesn't mean there's not advocacy work to be done, that's why. Let's play "spot the bullshit!"

From "anonymous lindy hopper":
FWIW I am not involved in organizing the event, but I do know many event organizers both in and out of the lindy hop world and I doubt that any of them could afford to implement everything that the ADA could possibly require (and for the most part there's no need to). I truly believe that an organization should make their event as accessible and enjoyable to everyone and I'm glad the ADA tries to enforce this, I am just trying to suggest proactive ways to ensure the writer of the blog can ensure and maintain good relations with the organizers."

First, I am pretty sure I know who you are.
Second, it is the event organizers' job to "ensure and maintain good relations" with the customers. You don't get to say "You have needs that are inconvenient, though completely free to accommodate, but I DON'T WANT TO SO GIVE ME MONEY TO HURT YOU." It does. Not. Work. That. Way.

Third, a picture is worth a billion trillion words. Here is the sign that an organization with a lot of crossover with the people who put on PLX thinks is acceptable acquiescence:

Please note the potholder. It's there for perspective. Cuz not only is it worded as circuituitously as possible, it's also the size of a damn potholder.

The sign I printed out, which this other organization (that I suspect "anonymous lindy hopper" is deeply involved in) keeps losing, looks like this:

It says "NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY" above and "Thank you for your cooperation" below. It takes up a whole 8.5x11 sheet of paper, which is the minimum to get anyone to look at anything. And it did not take any special skillz or money to make-I did it in about 3 minutes, so neither time nor money are an investment here.

I left a whole lot more bullshit unpointed out, so everyone can play!

ETA: Obviously nothing I am asking for costs anything. Well, maybe kicking Assaulty Camera Guy (Evrim Icoz, for those playing along at home) out does, but so does paying him, & paying people to assault your customers is a really good way to get them to not come back and write a blog post that says that Portland Lindy Society paid Evrim Icoz to assault me with a strobe light at Portland Lindy Exchange. Other than that, no idea what the purpose of that straw argument is. Ideas, neurodivergents?


Bridget said...

" I doubt that any of them could afford to implement everything that the ADA could possibly require (and for the most part there's no need to)"
Do I spot some misdirection? A straw man of imaginary burdensome compliance issues (which are rarely all that hard when you get honest)??
You asked for one issue to be addressed. The black helicopters of disability are not swooping in for lindy annihilation.
It's just a frickin sign.

Neurodivergent K said...

Point for spotting misdirection. Point for spotting the strawman.
2 points for making me lol with both "black helicopters" and "it's just a frickin sign".

Neurodivergent K said...


Mindy Hazeltine of Stumptown Dance is "anonymous lindy hopper" and feels the right way to cope with criticism on the internet/confiscation of a shitty sign is TO BAN SOMEONE.

Cuz, like, the ADA is totally for other people.

ignis fatuus said...

Well it does not matter now. If I read your text correctly than this person has kicked you out of all of there events because you are not backing down from your position of "put out the darn sign". So now the fun can really begin!

ignis fatuus said...

looks like we where typing at the same time. I am sure we can look at the IP and a few other things and find proof of anonymous lindy hopper's real name. It should not be to hard at all.

Anonymous said...

Mindy Hazeltine, say hi to the dinosaurs for me, cuz you're going to get sued back to the Jurassic Era.

Neurodivergent K said...

Indeed. I wonder how some of the guest instructors feel about bigotry?