Friday, May 6, 2011

Tumblr People:

I am thrilled and delighted that you are reblogging my stuff. Yay me yay you.


When you comment on my writing, the only way for me to see it is to chase you all over the internets. This is inane. My stuff is getting like a billion comments on tumblr (other people's tumblrs, I don't have the bandwidth to have yet another blog) and here it gets very very few.

This bothers me. I like comments. I like conversation. It's all happening about me, without me. Not cool. And I shouldn't have to chase all over the intertrons to see what people think (and blogger doesn't do the linkbacks with tumblr so I wouldn't really know where to start even if I wanted to and had the time to).

Commenting here isn't hard, I promise. And I like seeing what other people have to say.


Eric said...

Hahaha this is funny because I put pretty much everything you post on Tumblr and it's probably my fault. I understand the frustration.

I'll make a note of this on fyeahautismspectrum (where most of the commentary comes from).

Neurodivergent K said...

Thank you!!! I appreciate it.

And I love fyeahautismspectrum. Lovelovelove.

katie monstrrr said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of tumblr fame! I love to see your work pop up on my dashboard, though. Then I'm all like, "HEY I KNOW WHO WROTE THAT. SHE IS RAD AND SHOULD TOTALLY BE ON TUMBLR." :D

Anonymous said...

Hiiii Kassiane... I linked you on twitter a couple of times since finding your blog of awesome earlier today.