Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rhapsody is a Kitty & He Needs Help.

This is Rhapsody:

I met Rhapsody at Autreat last summer-he was there in training as a service kitty, along with his littermate. I hit my wall very suddenly & unexpectedly and was crying about missing my cat & wanting to go home to my cat, & Rhapsody's human, Jim Sinclair brought *a* cat--Rhapsody. And Rhapsody allowed me to cuddle him while kind of crying so hard I was shaking and it's totally not a cat's favorite at all, to be loved on by someone melting down, right? But he cuddled and purred and probably saved my next 12-24 hours.

Well, now Rhapsody needs help. He's been having scary episodes of respiratory distress and has spent time in the kitty ER. The kitty ER, like the human ER, is both expensive and for stabilization purposes only. In order to figure out exactly what is wrong and to treat it, Rhapsody needs an alveolar wash. And he needs it as soon as possible-without it, there is no knowing what is wrong, and the respiratory crises are scary and one could be fatal.

And this, my friends, other readers, cat lovers, is where you come in:

If you can afford to donate, follow the instructions in this facebook note.

It is very important that you mark that it is for Rhapsody. Otherwise the funds go into a general fund, which is a worthy cause but will not go to this particular worthy cause.

Please 'like' Moosepuppy Animal Rescue and share, as well as the event 24 hour fundraising push for Rhapsody. And share share share.

Tweet, tumbl, facebook, please spread the word. I know that for many of you disposable income is not a thing-but someone in your network might be able to help.

Purkinje & GABA are hoping Rhapsody gets the treatment he needs:


Andrew Raymond said...

I am terribly sorry, but I just went through a $500 health crisis with my own furbaby and lifeline. But all my love and healing thoughts are on the way.

Neurodivergent K said...

No need to be sorry at all. Not everyone has spare money. We're all hoping that the power of everyone's combined networks can help Rhapsody get the care he needs-someone in my network may be able to donate, someone in theirs, etc.

Amy Caraballo said...

He sounds like my son's kitty, Lukey. We call him the therapy cat. He will brave the most violent meltdown and consequently, de-escalate it. ♥ I hope the money is raised quickly! I'll help spread the word.

Lisa Daniel said...

I made a donation. Wish it could have been more, but I have four of my own furry friends.

Neurodivergent K said...

Thank you for passing it on, Amy.

And thank you for donating, Lisa. I've got my 2 service kitties myself...so passing on the story is most of what I can do. Anything helps. Anything.

Sola Shelly said...

Thank's to all the donors, there were funds for the test and it was done on Thursday May 2. More funds
are needed for treatment of whatever the test finds. There is another facebook fundraising event. Even if you are not donating now, please help spread the word by participating. Maybe someone else will learn about Rhapsody and donate. Thank you!