Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New blog feature: This Week In Apparently Impossible Standards

Hello and welcome to my new feature, This Week In Apparently Impossible Standards. This feature is inspired by all those people who consider themselves good people, or even allies, and their astonishing ability to hit new and exciting lows. Apparently my standards for "not a disappointment" are exceedingly high, so here we are.

Although this is called "this week", not all featured stories will have occurred the week of the post. Some may also be amalgams of several situations if the method of sucking is the same.

Inaugural post:
As people who have been here a while know, I enjoy swing dancing-but Portland Lindy Society essentially paid someone to assault me in 2010, & Mindy Hazeltine of Stumptown Dance fancies herself above the ADA and prefers lawsuits to  banning flash photography. So, dancing not happening so much with the deadly weapons. 

Today at school someone I know from those dances asked why he hadn't seen me out lately-and I told him.

Here's a protip, pal: If your reaction to exclusionary bigotry is "that's too bad", you fail to meet decent human being standards. The correct responses include "That's terrible, why am I giving my money to those asshats?", stopping your support of said asshats, & passing on relevant resources if you know of any and have that capability. 

Decent people don't knowingly support people and businesses who chose to be bigots. Decent people don't knowingly support people who choose to hurt people.

My standards: too high.

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Unknown said...

Portland is staffed by assholes who make it an unhealthy place to lindy-hop. Got it. No current relation to cut off, and I'll make sure not to form one.

I'll retain the no-photo rule at Autreat's dance. Nothing in the dance flashes; not sure if people will twirl the lights again but if that's a problem I can ban it too.

It was shitty enough that all the music you could dance to finished before you arrived this year. Hoping a clear and earlier-posted schedule fixes the problem in 2013.